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Day added that the BUFI partnership with Equiticity also helps raise awareness of mobility justice issues in South Side communities. “If we bike, walk, or ride public transportation, we can always attach economic development in the neighborhood.” The ride leaves the BUFI headquarters. Photo: Mia Park The Bike the Shore ride also highlighted BUFI’s fundraising campaign. The organization hopes to connect with philanthropy-minded people who want to invest social capital, financial capital, and other forms of support. In addition, the event served as the formal kick off for BUFI’s workplace giving campaign, which encourages resident to donate to the nonprofit via payroll deductions. Reed explained that Bike the Shore connects to economic equality because academic research shows that the more people bike or shop “hyper-locally,” the more people want to stay in their neighborhoods. [Cars] [Cars]

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The current study examined the University’s annual economic and social activity from 2017 through 2019, finding that the University generated more than $34 million per year in tax revenue, and the overall output of student and employee spending added $565 million to Mississippi’s economy. “I am so proud that The University of Southern Mississippi continues to be a significant economic driver for our state,” said University President Rodney D. Bennett. “We take our role as a community partner very seriously, and we look forward to continuing to meet the economic, education, and research needs of the Greater Pine Belt, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and the state of Mississippi as a whole.” The University expends $112 million in external funding for research purposes, accounting for an economic impact of $188 million in FY19 and generating an additional $7 million in state and local government taxes. The University is an employment generator, creating and supporting 7,437 jobs throughout the state. Southern Miss Athletics generated a total economic impact of $41 million, up from source $31.2 million in 2015. Three multimillion-dollar buildings totaling $36.1 million have opened in the past five years on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in support of USM Coastal Operations, with two additional buildings and one research vessel coming online in the near future. Approximately 60 percent of USM’s graduates stay in the state of Mississippi to live, work and apply learned skills. “The University’s increased economic impact activity compared to five years ago is an indication of the progress made in fulfilling the University’s mission,” said Dr. Shannon Campbell, USM Senior Associate Vice President for Coastal Operations, and former director of the Trent Lott National Center for Excellence in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship.

If so, he misrepresents the role and function of the Board, the actual state of the science, and the status of scientific opinion in general. The Board’s job isn’t to march in lockstep with the Mayo Clinic or even our more compliant brethren in Fargo. The Board has to make local policy decisions, and this calls for weighing the evidence, doing risk analysis, and balancing costs and benefits. Even if McDonough is right about the effectiveness of masking, it still can be rational not to require masks. Policy judgments are more complex than McDonough thinks, and he is wrong to presume the Board didn’t do its job. When deliberating policy, school boards function like juries. They have to make a decision.

He has been at ABI for six weeks but without any visitors until level 3 begun two weeks ago, and sister Sian could visit him for an hour a day. His sister had arrived in New Zealand during the national lockdown. His father Ian says they were "just overjoyed to see him and see the smile on his face - unbelievable". "We're very grateful," he said on Friday afternoon. "But most of that's just down to how bloody strong willed he is. "We honestly never thought we were going to get to 26 after that phone call [on August 9]. Josh Storer at the beach on Auckland's North Shore on October 2, 2021, celebrating his 26th birthday. Photo / Supplied The Storers gathered in their Torbay rental house on Auckland's North Shore specifically chosen for its safe lack of visit here stairs and potential hazards. "He's being referred to cardiac because he has trouble when he stands up or if he gets up too quick," Sian said. "Gravity takes its toll and pulls the blood down, so he gets lightheaded and faints and that's when he can be at risk of falling over.